Sizing Guide

Tips for obtaining the perfect fit

Size Shoe Size Child's Foot Length Shoe Length Shoe Width
XS 00-0 To 9cm or 3-5/8in 10cm or 4in 5cm or 2in
S 0-1 To 10cm or 4in 11cm or 4-3/8in 5.5cm or 2-1/4in
M 1½-2½ To 11cm or 4-3/8in 12cm or 4-3/4in 6cm or 2-3/8in
L 2½-3½ To 12cm or 4-3/4in 13cm or 5-1/8in 6.5cm or 2-1/2in
XL 4-5 To 13cm or 5-1/8in 14cm or 5-1/2in 7cm or 2-3/4in
P1 5½-6 To 14cm or 5-1/2in 15cm or 5-7/8in 7.25cm or 2-7/8in
P2 6-7½ To 15cm or 5-7/8in 16cm or 6-3/8in 7.5cm or 3in
P3 7½-9 To 16cm or 6-1/4in 17cm or 6-5/8in 7.75cm or 3 1/8in
P4 9½-11 To 17.5cm or 6-7/8in 18.5cm or 7-1/4in 8.25cm or 3-3/8in
P5 11-12½ To 19cm or 7-1/2in 20cm or 7-7/8in 9cm or 3-5/8in

To accurately measure your child's foot, place a piece of paper on a firm flat surface (book, table, tile floor, etc). With socks on, have your child stand or press their foot firmly onto the paper. Draw a line at the heel and the longest point of the toe. Measure the distance between the lines on the paper. Find the measurement on the "Child's Foot Length" column on the size chart to find the correct size. I recommend measuring in centimeters for better precision/accuracy. It's very easy to misread the measurement in inches.